Image credit/ James Harris

SUPERGUFRAM presents Studio Job

SUPERGUFRAM is the new spin-off by Gufram born to investigate the boundaries between industrial design and applied art in the twentyfirst century. SUPERGUFRAM aims to follow the same path Gufram has for the past fifty years, but the other way around: from serial samples to unique craftsmanship objects emphasizing the artisanal aspect of Gufram production. SUPERGUFRAM is a tool in the hands of designers meant to discover the potentials of polyurethane foam mixed with other materials. Each SUPERGUFRAM experience comprises a solo show or a capsule collection of unique and/or very limited edition pieces of timeless design.

For Design Miami/ Basel 2017, Studio Job has conceived a series of limited-edition pieces including a punching bag in an orange brick pattern, a cooking pot coffee table complete with steam, a moon cupboard that revisits their notorious Globe Cabinet, a wall divider made of four different elements referring to the unlikely bark of a specific tree, and a shiny globe stand. The creative duo—Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, based in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London—plays in a unique way with the dichotomy of soft and hard, dream and reality, creating an unpredictable short-circuit of perceptions and expectations, going along with the limitless experimentation that a material like polyurethane allows, which is actually the possibility to create anything.