Image credit/ James Harris

Sokyo Gallery presents Ceramic Garden

The traditional Japanese Zen Garden is composed of sand and rocks, symbolizing mountains and rivers, and is a space for meditation. Sokyo Gallery has reimagined this, replacing the traditional rocks with an installation of fifteen provocative ceramics and paintings.

In Chinese philosophy, the number fifteen symbolizes perfection. Artists Kentaro Kawabata, Satoshi Kino, Eiko Kishi, Toru Kurokawa, and Heechang Yoon have designed the garden in keeping with a Japanese aesthetic and philosophy, but with a twist. The viewer is unable to see the last rock from any direction, and is thus forced to observe this last rock with his or her imagination.

The gallery also recreates a wall that was built in 1450 at the Ry an-ji garden in Kyoto. The surface of the wall reveals both the past and the present, as a fresh group of innovative ceramics and paintings are installed there that allude to a new wave of artistic forms and expressions.