Image credit/ James Harris

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design presents Dominic Harris and Oliver Smart

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design presents a unique collaboration displaying the strong parallels between the inquisitive investigations and reinterpretations in Dominic Harris’s work and the design and performance aspects of Oliver Smart’s process. When these two artists first met in 2014 they talked initially about their respective works interrogating nature and movement. What then transpired was the launch of one of the most ambitious collaborations either artist had ever undertaken: creating a puppet butterfly.

The making of this work has been a unique and extraordinary journey of collaboration, prototyping, merging of technologies and techniques, and meticulous production. The desire to uncover the essential character of the butterfly in physical appearance and mechanical movement has been realized through a true labor of love. The essence of the artwork is not just the entire complexity of the study of this fascinating creature, but also the process of uncovering, simplifying, and abbreviating toward the essential movements and behaviors that define the final artwork. There is a natural synergy between the mechanical detail of the puppet and the exquisite clarity, attention to detail, and form of the case and its concealed mechanics. Amid the process of kinetically animating the butterfly puppet through programmed electromechanical drivers, a synthesized movement unfurled defined as a waltz: up, down, pause. This definition served as the underpinning mantra for the movement, which when coupled with the interaction control that permits the butterfly to both interact and engage with its audience, conjures the delightful illusion that the butterfly really is alive!

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