Image credit/ James Harris

OV Project presents Elias Hansen and Oscar Tuazon

OV Project, conceived by Olivier Vrankenne, is located in uptown Brussels; his ambition is to create “projects in a room.” The main objective is to confront various disciplines and artistic languages in a shared environment to generate a sense of curiosity and critical thinking.

OV Project aims to create interactions and previously unseen connections between different artistic fields based on mutual dialogues beyond traditional art histories. With flexibility at the heart of its programming, OV Project will be simultaneously launching off-site “hors les murs” projects.

For its first participation, OV Project brings together the Seattle artists and brothers Elias Hansen and Oscar Tuazon. Their respective sculpture practices share an interest in subverting material and places from their original functions and physicalities.

Hansen’s assemblages can be considered collages—using a certain form of “ecriture automatique” transforming chaos and disorder into order and beauty. Tuazon’s main preoccupation is related to the DIY practice that seems to be a natural extension from his childhood. This presentation aims to highlight the very special character of both brothers in their aim of giving new life, beauty, and nobility to found, destroyed, and common objects.