Image credit/ James Harris

88 Gallery presents Robert Goossens (1927–2016)

88 Gallery presents a rare visual retrospective on the life and work of the late Robert Goossens, famed artist and designer for the fashion houses of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

The exhibition brings together a selection of mirrors, lighting, and small objects that are emblematic of the artist, displayed to highlight his favored materials: bronze, gold, and rock crystal. Playing on the artist’s fondness for mixing these materials, the exhibition experiments with style notions by complementing and juxtaposing the various works. Tradition, heritage, and creativity are in constant dialogue. The space is transformed into an immersive and dynamic experience for the audience, transmitting the invaluable cultural tradition of French crafts.

Goossens was born in Paris in 1927. From a young age he learned and mastered the techniques of casting and engraving. His draw toward gold and silversmith work could only be seen as second nature. It would not take long for him to begin working with such notable names as Cristóbal Balenciaga, Chrisian Dior, Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix, and Madame Grès. His auspicious relationship with Gabrielle Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent would see him produce his most renowned designs from jewelry to tables, mirrors, and chandeliers. Drawing on such influences as Parisian culture of the 1940s, the Byzantium, and the Renaissance era, his exuberant creations earned him the moniker “Monsieur Bijou.”

88 Gallery has had a long-standing relationship with Goossens, holding numerous exhibitions in the last decade in Europe and, more recently, in Asia. This exhibition is curated exclusively for Design Miami/ Basel, giving its visitors a rare glimpse into his life and work.