Image credit/ James Harris

Leclettico Presents/ The Labyrinth. Let’s get lost

The Labyrinth. Let’s get lost is a project by Leclettico for the Collectors Lounge of Design at Miami/ Basel. It is an invitation to visitors to get lost in Leclettico’s imaginary.

Leclettico is a creative laboratory founded by Claudio Loria, with a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach to design. Mise-en-scène, installations, cultural events, and private receptions that—while seamlessly exhibiting products and services— are conceived to surprise, to create an in-between situation that links the creative output to its broader scope: to bring people into a dialogue, to surprise, educate, delight, and engage.

Loria’s design approach centers on imbuing spaces with emotional resonance while remaining flexible in his methods. His approach sees his diverse pieces almost as family members, each with their faults and dysfunctions, and coaxes them to assume a familiar dynamic. Seamless, branded cohesion is rejected as a concept, as is a rigorously methodical approach.
The result is crackling emotion in a seemingly accidental yet impeccably researched scene. Harmony is broken just enough to give his spaces room to breathe, curiosity the impetus to feast itself.